Another Win For 2K18.

In the name of Allah. The most gracious and the most merciful.

Assalamualaikum gais.

Last saturday, again team hoki intesaber, IBF joined another hockey tournament.
Alhamdulillah we managed to be the champion. For the second time in that open.

Well yes i, personally, wanna thank the person who always support us, my other teammates; who dont have chances to join the tournament due to their responsibles as PT3 candidates, uri coach, Coach Eddy, who trained us patiently.

To school, yes thanks madam principle for your supports and your advices. Thanks for believing us.
The reason i wrote this entry is just to share our happiness and spread positivity. What Allah said is true.

The one who success is the one who work for it.
We are just a team from nowhere.

we are not talented as sports school's students. we lack in many things, at first. no stamina, skills and dont even know what hockey is. but yeah, hard works beat talent :)
I start to believe that people can be what they dream for. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe.

In 2018, i played the worst in two finals (SBP Kebangsaan and MSSS) and that thing somehow disappointed my coach and teammates. Because, i believed i am not as good as my other teammates. So i thought, i should just play, or in the other words , just give up.

Until my coach said this to me, "You have your team. Why should you be discourage?".
That is the moment i told myself, "Why dont you believe in your team?."

Coach always says, "This game is not about you, its about the team."
To win a championship, we don't need a person. We need a team.

Smile. :)